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Don't pause
for menopause

Menopause is not a condition--it's a journey.
Our online fitness program specifically targets women in perimenopause to drastically reduce exhaustion, weight gain, lack of mobility and
brain fog.

The transition to menopause can disrupt a woman’s daily life, impacting her self-confidence. 

We can take simple, fun tweaks and create a healthy lifestyle to help you rewrite your aging story.



All-in-One App
Minimum Effort, Maximum Gain
Live 1:1 Assessment
Community Support with Q&A
Find your fitness plan: 
pilates, dance, weight training & more 

** Code for the first month free: FREEACCESS

Gym Equipments

Start your version of a fun, healthy lifestyle

to empower you through the menopause journey. 

Tailored to you

No two people are alike. We assess YOUR situation one on one and build a plan for achievable goals with fun in mind.


You're busy!  We aim for maximum impact with the least required effort--the minimum effective dose for your daily routine, all in one app.


Get supportive resources to better understand how the body works so you are empowered to make changes, like Anatomy & Physiology labs, community chat, and live member Q&A sessions.

Set yourself up for a fabulous second chapter.

** Code for the first month free: FREEACCESS

Meet Marcy


the myths of menopause
through pilates, dance, weight training & neural science

Myth:  You can't be sexually active/have orgasms.

Myth:  You will have all the symptoms and must suffer through them.

Myth:  You are useless without your fertility.

Flash4WRD to Benefits & Rewards

Maintain Cognitive Sharpness

Address Weight Gain

Get Good Sleep & Renew Energy

Build Strong Muscles and Bones

Master Mobility and Agility

Address and Reduce Pain

Build New Neural Development Pathways

Develop Motivation to Last

are you the 

matriarch of moodiness?

the grande dame of

gaining weight?

just put your shoes on.

Improve sleep

Increase metabolism

Retain/improve cognitive function

Reduce joint pain & Fight muscle atrophy

Increase energy & general well being

Gain self confidence & momentum

Balance emotions & hormones

Beat back aging mentality

are you the 

queen of hot flashes?

the sultana of


getting into a habit

is half the battle.




Workout Options

Choose how you move

Fits your lifestyle


mobile app



life is too short.


Strength Attain muscle mass to help metabolism, energy & everyday movement.

Diet Targeted and unique to each woman’s diet while addressing hormonal changes.

Flexibility Injury prevention.

Mobility Fluidity, balance & injury prevention.

Pain Reduction Re-educate, rehabilitate & restore.

the neuroscience behind it all

Because the journey towards increased health starts with the brain!

  • 30+ years experience as a full-time personal trainer

  • Certified in proven effective modalities--HIIT, Pilates, Neural Strengthening, Muscle Strengthening

  • Both in person as well as remote programs

  • Mobile app to take your program wherever you go

  • Program packages to accommodate different budgets

  • Supportive, inclusive and fun

Marcy offers a breadth of knowledge and experience to provide you a fully tailored and individual program:


program packages

for all budgets

Your $89 monthly subscription includes:

Welcome Package

1-hour live online Initial Assessment

Offline Coaching and Assessment

(review logs & chat through the app)

Full Video Library Access

Education Labs: 30-minute monthly webinars

Add a 30-minute 1:1 online personal training for an additional $50


I started training with Marcy 8 weeks ago, after two years (and two rotator cuff surgeries) of virtual inactivity.  Not only is my core strength returning, but with her support and encouragement I have also lost 19 pounds!!  

I love how wonderful I feel after each session.  So don’t wait any longer, let Marcy help reshape your world!  


Since I have started working out with Marcy twice a week I have felt physically better, have much better range of motion and am stronger overall which makes me come back for the hour-long sessions even though I really do not like working out at all. The results are the motivator and Marcy tailors the sessions to the age, agility and fitness of her clients so that progress is continuous and encouraging. Her positive personality and constant encouragement has made all the difference!  

- Susan

I absolutely love Marcy’s teaching style.  She is an inspiration and so much fun to work with.  After just a few sessions I feel strong, sexy and ready to take on whatever life brings my way!  

- Caroline 


How does the program work?

Once you sign-up, you have access to the Flash4wrd app that includes all fitness, coaching, and educational videos; logging tools to schedule and document workouts; a chat room to reach out to Marcy and the Flash4wrd community. Upon sign-up, you will be prompted to schedule a 1:1 intake session with Marcy so she can understand your current health status, your goals and come up with a plan to fit your lifestyle.

What makes this online program different from any other online program?

This program focuses on women 30+ who are experiencing changes in their bodies, sleep, moods, and energy levels that are most likely due to hormonal changes affiliated with perimenopause, which can kick in a decade or longer before actual menopause. Everything is built with that focus in mind, including the fact many women are juggling the complexities of work, children, and everyday stress during this season of life that compete with their time to take care of themselves. This program is less about making a weight number or dress size, and more about you feeling generally good and addressing your health in a way that gives you more energy and supports everything you juggle (but we’ve noticed a drop in weight and dress size too--wink wink).


What do I have to commit to?

First, we believe the first commitment is to yourself. You need to be your first champion. Second, the commitment is only one month at a time. You can cancel your membership at any time, which will stop auto-enroll for the next month’s subscription period. No contracts. No annual payments. Pay as you go month by month.

How much time do I have to commit?

After your initial intake, Marcy will take into consideration your lifestyle, goals, and motivation levels to build you a program that will address immediate concerns, lifestyle, and longer-term goals. The good news is all videos, including cardio, strength, rehabilitation and neural exercises are all in 15 to 20-minute increments so you flex according to the amount of time or motivation you have. You can do ‘one and done’ or build your own workout by stacking various videos together for a longer workout.


What equipment do I need?

There are workouts for each body part that do not require equipment and there are videos that include weights and exercise bands.

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