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What we do

Carmel Pilates & Personal Training is locally-owned and independently operated in Carmel, CA. We opened our doors in 1990 with a goal to give clients the most comprehensive and safest workout available. Our ‘clients’ soon became ‘family’, and we have been nurturing that Ohana vibe ever since.

We focus not only on training your body, but also (re)training your brain to improve your entire well being. Carmel Pilates & Personal Training professionals are certified in the most current trends in fitness, and we practice what we teach! You will never get bored, burnt out or feel over trained once you have made the commitment to Carmel Pilates & Personal Training.

Carmel Pilates & Personal Training studio offers several different options to train that will fit into your budget, your schedule and your comfort zone. In addition to our scheduled classes, we have flexibility in our hours to allow you to schedule a training session into your busy life. Carmel Pilates & Personal Training also offers one-on-one training, small group Stott Pilates, as well as small group cardio and cross-training classes. Please contact the studio directly to discuss how we can personalize a fitness program that fits in your budget and schedule.

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